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Legend (2015) Full Movie Free

Legend    20 Nov 2015

R 131 min BiographyCrimeFull MoviesThriller

IMDB: 7.5/10 14,530 votes

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UK, France


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Yet both could dominate the East end of London in the 1966ern almost unmolested, because in their nightclubs, she used contacts to the stars and influential politicians. Ronnie took over the management of their ‘company’ and was able to build a criminal empire through extortion, robbery and protection money demand. Meanwhile, Reggie developed an intense relationship to his wife Frances Shea . Finally their reputation preceded them and the Kray twins were even media stars. But fame is not welcomed in their craft and each era must find their end someday.

Legend is based on real events and is based on the book ‘ the profession of violence’ by John. The story of the krays entrance in the history of cinema from television also found the krays and the second season of the series Whitechapel – Jack the Ripper is unbelievable.

None other than Brian, who to L.A. in 1998 already won the Oscar confidential for his screenplay and also wrote the Oscar-nominated adaptation to Mystic River is responsible for the Director and the script here.

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