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Scrat: Spaced Out (2016) Full Movie Free

Scrat: Spaced Out    11 Oct 2016

N/A 15 min AnimationComedyFull MoviesShort

IMDB: 7.1/10 741 votes





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The ship stops when he finds a tremendous outsider ship like a goliath oak seed. The ship get the oak seed additionally with Scrat, and it makes the ship collide with the mother of all space rocks.

Scrat and his oak seed drop into the suspension range and soon Scratazon (Karen Disher) and her gatekeepers strolls into the room where the oak seed is the place they visit enthusiastically about their catch. Scratazon strolls up to the oak seed just to lift it up and swing it to discover Scrat concealing which shocks them two as the outsider pioneer drops both Scrat and the oak seed. She soon arranges her watchmen to impact Scrat who then rapidly avoids the laser impacts until of them sent him flying into a saucer.

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