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Mothers and Daughters (2016) Full Movie Free

Mothers and Daughters    01 May 2016

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IMDB: 6.2/10 687 votes


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Under an ash spread outside, we come to relate to Abel (yes, Abel)…a close quiet officer who we learn lead a rebellion against an outsider attack that has wiped out Earth. He agonizes, he sulks, he says everything except 10 words. As the film opens, Abel is caught by a goon unit headed by a Chizum, a curiously large, hairy, falsetto-voiced overwhelming with a fake eye (shading contact)…who tosses Abel and a couple others in an alternative correctional facility cell. Among them are Tom, Gelman and Ellie…the last of which, as the main lady, is labeled similar to the friend in need of mankind.

As the foursome escape the holding cell and make a keep running for the slopes, it then turns into a definitive mission to secure Ellie and ensure humankind doesn’t turn out to be irreversibly wiped out. Along the way, the team stumbles over Tony Todd and Doug Jones (both get top charging in spite of being in the film for 15 minutes), who offer shelter until Chizum and his goons appear stacked for bear. What happens from that point I assume I won’t ruin.

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