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Curtain (2015) Full Movie Free Hd

The Gateway    04 Oct 2015

N/A 74 min Full MoviesHorrorMysterySci-Fi

IMDB: 6.0/10 50 votes

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5 wins & 1 nomination.



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Curtain starts as it intends to come as it sets its secretive and unsettling tone. We are welcomed with a man who is by all accounts losing his brain as he ventures home to his loft. The camera splendidly dish up to the highest point of the building, serving as an awesome clue for the fear that are holding up inside. This sentiment unease is conveyed all through this opening succession as the man mumbles incomprehensibly. Aside from his mumbling, it is savage noiseless. The threat is advanced as a clearing shot of his flat then slices to a towering picture of his washroom entryway which has been taped closed. By taped close, I mean truly taped close.

Like, nothing is overcoming that entryway at any point in the near future. It’s an extraordinary little grouping that magnificently epitomizes the franticness of the man; who has, assumedly, been headed to the edge of his tie, in light of his curtains.

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