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The Truth Commissioner (2016) Full Movie

The Truth Commissioner    26 Feb 2016

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IMDB: 6.6/10 5 votes

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The uncomfortably sensational dirt of this plotline is soon wasted in a screenplay that battles to oblige an excess of gatherings and political loyalties into the state of a motion picture. We’re left with shallow characters, scrappy plotting and noisy, banging parallels: the commissioner is isolates in life and governmental issues, get it?
Declan already won over Irish viewers with the colossal midlands show Eden, which mined acting from regular household pressures.

There is, oh dear, no such nuance or finely-sharpened account here. Michael Lavelle deals with some striking Belfast-based tableaux, however The Truth Commissioner has about as much business being in a silver screen as a scene of Paw Patrol.

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