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Synchronicity (2015) Full Movie Free

Synchronicity    22 Jan 2016

N/A 101 min Full MoviesMysterySci-FiThriller

IMDB: 6.6/10 37 votes

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The synchronicity of the science-fiction thriller tells the story of an inventor, whose Experimented fatal end with space and time.

After long research, succeeds the physicist Jim Beale to develop a machine that allows you to bend the time-space continuum and to such time travel. Hardly that succeeds him a dahlia in its laboratory appears, torn by the time machine from the future. Now Jim must only prove, that his invention works: he has to find the exact same flower in the present. In fact, he finds her in the possession of the mysterious Abby.

But the pretty woman glamour Jim and brings him to publish his work. Jim is convinced to be sat on a plot. Shortly decided, he uses his own machine to travel back in time and prevent fraud. Once in the past, Jim learns quickly many new things he never thought possible.

Jim and his group of physicists have concocted a massively effective gadget — downright a time machine, that can overlap space and time into a directional wormhole. Getting the gap to open is one very much practiced thing, however demonstrating to it can really work is another.

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