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Yet, ought to a warrior on holiday be permitted to take leave of his faculties and go crazy? Essayist executive A R Murugadoss would have us trust that he ought to for more noteworthy’s benefit of the country.

The smooth DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) agent is, as it happens, a DIY bone specialist as well.
A fierce climactic duel with a terrorist on a vessel moored off the Mumbai coast leaves the legend with a gravely wound right arm.

Resolute, he sets out the boyish miscreant to open his binds. The baddie notices the supplication.
What happens next creates a burst of unintended merriment. Our Man Flint thumps his own separated bones into spot before continuing to turn the tables on his malicious foe.

By that point in the film, which is about three hours in, Holiday is a ride turned out badly.

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