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Foe    01 Feb 2016

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IMDB: 5.8/10 22 votes

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Spain, USA


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I like dreadful folks. This is the thing that Kate, a staff administrator at an Edinburgh inn, says to a youthful colleague after a couple rounds of beverages one night. As it happens, them two are in good fortune. Hallam Foe, the colleague being referred to, is significantly creepier than Kate suspects. He has been stalking her since before she enlisted him, and his primary extracurricular exercises are peering over the housetops into her windows and scrambling up to her bay window to keep an eye on her as she rests, engages in sexual relations and practices her kickboxing.

This young fellow “Mr Foe” to American viewers of David Mackenzie’s new film, which was called “Hallam Foe” (the title of Peter Jinks’ novel) in Britain is obviously harried. Back home at his dad’s bequest, which he fled for the Scottish capital, Hallam was a prepared voyeur with a desire for sprucing up in creature skins and lipstick.

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