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Flight 1942    N/A

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On a trip that will change their lives perpetually, the travelers on board Flight 1942 are compelled to battle in one of the best fights ever, World War Two. Inconvenience is, this is one battle they could have never anticipated… having taken off in 2015. On the off chance that they had an Oscars honor in the “It’s so awful it’s great” and “Straight to video” classes, then Flight 1942 would tidy up.

Suspend all incredulity and appreciate this outrageously executed depiction of a typical time travel plot. Current plane flying machine bafflingly mediates in world war two history and changes ‘what’s to come’. It’s an extraordinary idea (see The Final Countdown as an incredible illustration) yet in all honesty, this motion picture down dumbs the thought and capability of that specific idea to a level that may require an opposite lobotomy to appreciate. Splendid thought, seriously considered. Gracious and neither of the flying machine depicted on the spread really show up in the film, however hey, possibly that is the astute piece ?

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